Thank You

As a member of the public you are providing a valuable service to us in nominating your favourite businesses.

You may be wondering what sets us apart from many of the other business competitions that are out there.

Since the very first competition we have personally visited all of the businesses involved just like you going to the business premises to buy or hire goods or services.

Year after year we continue to revisit the 16 competition areas in Scotland and know many of the business owners and managers.

This information is a powerful and valuable resource and you won’t find us sharing these visits online but you can trust that we have visited the businesses every year and the competition is guaranteed as genuine by us personally.

We are looking into a system of recognising the businesses which can tell you where we have found our high standards but again there is no online database at present because such lists have been found to have been misused in the past.

We’ll continue to develop the business awards but the personal business visits will always be at the core of what we do.