Lockdown monitoring

It would be easy to think at this time the awards are not here, but we are. We are a lot more prepared for this lockdown than the first and are monitoring businesses who are both open and closed.

This will ensure we will return from this with the annual business competitions in their usual cycle. In fact the conclusion of competitions used to be mid-year this situation will allow us to move it to later or to the end of the year permanently.

If you are an existing nominee we will be in touch with you by telephone or email, business visits will continue to be completed where possible or by appointment.

New nominees for 2021 are still being notified initially by letter. When you register for the business competition this is now also confirmed by letter. We will follow that up with a phone call until business visits can be completed.

For those of you temporarily closed we will be monitoring the situation and contacting you in due course.

So stay safe and we’ll see you soon.