New national in-store point of sale material

scotlands business awards instore pos 2021


Designed to help you raise awareness of your nomination these promotional A5 acrylic stands will soon be available to your business.

They offer 3 new ways of engaging your clients and customers with the business competition with the emphasis on speed and ease of use.

The traditional regional voting addresses are still in use and some people may prefer to keep using them but these stands are designed for high traffic areas where a customer may not have a long time to stand and type in the traditional address. For example, is a fair amount of typing for anyone.

These stands launch the new, much more user friendly.

For the passing, in a hurry customer, we have the scannable QR code which they can scan now and visit later.

Text voting is also made simpler. Up to now you could put a mobile number into any voting form. Now you can’t. You have to text in a mobile vote to a mobile number which helps tighten the rules around using mobile numbers for voting. If people prefer to text this is one for them.

Once in position these stands can be reused for regional and grand final voting and reused year on year.

We’re not going to be mean with them either. You could place one in any reception or waiting area or in a salon environment at every station. New store visitors will be responsible for issuing them during the business visits.