In Scotlands Business Awards

Taking part in the awards is an exciting time not just for you but your staff and customers too. There is soon a lot of discussion locally about which businesses are in the running and of course who might win.

Staying at the top of your game locally is not easy. There are constantly new businesses opening and new products and services coming to the market. Lockdown has been particularly harsh on most business sectors.

But what does competing involve and what can you expect to happen next ?


Nominations are open all year round to encourage people to put forward businesses for consideration. There is no restriction placed on who or what kind of business may be nominated because we will ask the business if they wish to register for the competition and then visit the business in person before any final decision is made. Since 2018 online nominations have included the option to say why you are nominating a business.


Any member of the public can vote for a business but it is only one factor. The are also some businesses where voting or asking customers to vote is simply not appropriate. So of greater importance are the mystery shopper visits and our own visits to your business.


Once a business has received notification from us in writing that they have been nominated they are invited to register for assessment by completing registration details and paying a registration fee. In the past open registration caused half hearted entries and a lot of running about for our awards staff running around businesses who had no intention of competing. Registering for assessment reduces this happening and adds more value to our awards process. Separating the awards process from the awards shows will allow awards shows to cost less to attend in future once we are permitted to hold these again.

We visit you

During this stage we are assessing how easy is it for customers to contact or meet you, your opening hours, availability and presentation of the business premises together with the products and services you offer. We also discuss with you, your experience, training and education in your chosen field. Home based businesses can be considered and are in their own category.  The visits are made by our staff who will make an appointment to meet with you.

The Star Rating System

In addition to you competing for the regional award, having taken the time to visit you we want to add more value to that visit and give you lasting feedback.  From August 2020 as a registered nominee your business will receive a Scotlands Business Awards nominee star rating from 1 to 5 which will be issued to the business after our visit. The rating system can be promoted by in-store awards, certificate, door and window point-of-sale material supplied by us. It can also be used online on websites and in social media. It is our long term aim that the public will recognise this rating system.

Mystery shoppers

Mystery shoppers can, phone you and make internet and facebook enquiries to test some of the customer experience. Some can call in to test your products and services. If you are a new business to the process our business visitor may act as a mystery shopper prior to your assessment meeting.

The Decision

Through a combination of nominations, mystery shopping and our personal visits with you, a regional winner is decided.


In general the awards are considered as follows,

This list is not complete and new categories are evolving all of the time

Individual City/Town Awards

New Business Awards

Community Awards

Independent Retailer Awards

Licensed Trade Awards

Consumers Awards

Innovation Awards

Fashion Awards

Hair Salon Awards

Barbers Awards

Beauty Salon Awards

Nail Salon Awards

Fine Dining

Restaurant, Cafe, Eatery and Takeaway

Health & Fitness Awards

Craft and Creative Awards

Hotel and B&B Awards

Lifetime Achievement in Business Awards

We are very proud of the strict conditions the competition is guided under.

Its not possible to win by number of votes, the human element and our feet-in-the-street approach means categories are considered very fairly and accurately.

As time moves on employees who have been in the competition as part of another business in previous years are setting up on their own and returning to the competition. Its fantastic to see the development of young businesses across Scotland, know the story behind them and watch their further development.

The Annual Grand Final

If you have won in your regional awards your business can compete in the highly anticipated national Grand Final held annually in Glasgow. Always sold out, it brings together the winners from our 16 regional qualifying award competitions to find out who will win the national awards.