The benefits of competing

The benefits to you and your business taking part cannot be underestimated it goes way beyond the excitement from the nomination stage.

Even the nomination and voting stage creates huge local awareness that you are participating, are considered good enough to compete alongside your fellow businesses and that the public are recommending your business, all in one.

It provides a huge morale boost for all staff and motivates your colleagues.

Mystery shoppers and our visits to your premises keep your staff on their toes too !

Its important for the competition too that the public see the results of the competition and that they know the time they took to nominate you wasn’t wasted and actually came to something. Some will contact us too to find out how you did in the competition.

In 2018 and 2019 some previous winners are reporting an increase in business they either didn’t expect or weren’t prepared for, but the difference was noticed.

Going forward if you win in your category you go on to compete in the national stage where regional winners come together to find out who will win the national awards. There is a deadline for entering the national stage because it only takes place once a year.


As time moves on employees who have been in the competition as part of another business in previous years are setting up on their own and returning to the competition. Its fantastic to see the development of young businesses across Scotland, know the story behind them and watch their further development.