Farewell to Andy

presentation team glasgow 2020
radisson blu presentation team

Just before we get back round all of the businesses. We heard this week that Andy the photographer is leaving us after covering the shows over the last few years. Andy’s photography is all over this site with the award photos but we thought we’d leave you with one of his you haven’t seen from the hundreds he took.

Taken at the Radisson Blu at the Glasgow Awards from last year its the presentation team. In happier times when we could get together. Andy, ever observant, commented, “Is this what goes around in your head, Scott ? People dressed as monkeys and girls with guns ?”

Andy did a mountain of work before, during and after each show. Thanks for all of your work over the years Andy and for all of the travelling. Good luck with your next venture.

Below is the picture that was actually used (and no Andy is not the one in the monkey suit)

presentation team glasgow 2020