Competing in Scotlands Business Awards

Being nominated for one of the awards is an exciting time not just for you but your staff and customers too. There is soon a lot of discussion locally about which businesses are in the running and of course who might win. Always hotly contested are the individual city/town awards.  But what does competing involve and what can you expect to happen next ?


Nominations are open all year round to encourage people to put forward businesses for consideration.

There is no restriction placed on who or what kind of business may be nominated.

We visit all businesses in person

Once put forward we begin to consider which category or categories the business can be considered in. During this stage we are looking at how easy is it for customers to contact or meet you, your opening hours, availability and presentation of the business premises. Home based businesses can be considered and are in their own category.  The visits may firstly be by mystery shoppers and then by our staff on official visits when we’ll introduce ourselves.

The online vote

Customers, friends, family and staff can vote for the business but it is only one of the deciding factors. Of equal importance are the mystery shopper visits and our own visits to your business.

Mystery shoppers

You might tell us exactly what we want to hear. But what will be the experience of someone sampling your products or services ?  Mystery shoppers can, phone you and make internet and facebook enquiries to test some of the customer experience. Some can call in to test your products and services.

The shortlist

Through a combination of votes, mystery shopping and our personal visits with you, a shortlist is decided.

The awards night

You have the option of attending the Awards Ceremony for your area to get together with other shortlisted businesses from your area and find out first who wins.

The Black Tie Awards Ceremonies and Dinners are held locally in a hotel in your region.

In general awards are considered as follows,

Individual City/Town Awards

New Business Awards

Community Awards

Independent Retailer Awards

Licensed Trade Awards

Consumers Awards

Innovation Awards

Fashion Awards

Hair Salon Awards

Beauty Salon Awards

Nail Salon Awards

Restaurant, Cafe, Eatery and Takeaway

Health & Fitness Awards

Craft and Creative Awards

Hotel and B&B Awards

Lifetime Achievement in Business Awards

We are very proud of the strict conditions the competition is guided under.

Its not possible to win just by number of votes, the human element and our feet-in-the-street approach means categories are considered fairly.

It is now possible to meet former regional winners and former Grand Final winners at our shows in a celebration of local business excellence. Many businesses say its fantastic to be mixing with other successful businesses and meet those involved.