The benefits of competing

The benefits to you and your business taking part cannot be underestimated it goes way beyond the excitement from the nomination stage.

Even the nomination and voting stage creates huge local awareness that you are participating, are considered good enough to compete alongside your fellow businesses and that the public are recommending your business, all in one.

It provides a huge morale boost for all staff and motivates your colleagues.

Businesses have in the past included the voting page url in their customer emails, posted notices asking customers to vote, put leaflets with the voting address in shop carrier bags and even left voting details with menus on each table of their restaurants and cafes. And of course they share it in their social media.

Mystery shoppers and our visits to your premises keep your staff on their toes too !

Then there’s the Awards Ceremony night itself, ¬†everyone attending wants to know who’s there. Many of our Awards Shows in Scotland sell out completely as the word has spread through the business community about how we conduct our competitions.

Its important for the competition too that the public see the results of the competition and that they know the time they took to nominate you or vote for you wasn’t wasted and actually came to something.

Going forward if you win in your category you have the option of entering the national stage held once a year in Glasgow where regional winners can come together to find out who will win the national awards.